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"USER" is you, a person who signed up to use CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM.                     

"User Content"– anything that user writes, copies or posts to CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM.



You must be 18 years of age or older to access CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM. You have no permission to access this site if you are our competitor or intend to cause harm to CUSTODYPLAYRS.COM or its affiliates.



1.  We are not responsible for user content and are not liable for any consequences resulting from user conduct to business or persona. We do ask that user create credible, honest and sincere content.


2.  We do not edit user content and ask if user chooses to employ eloquent or derogatory language, not to abuse it and keep race, sexual preference, ethnic, religious background or any other discriminatory statements away from CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM.


3.  User is solely and unconditionally responsible for his/her content.


4.  User may be responsible for content or conduct that violates the law.


5.  We have the right to use all content, posted and/or part of CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM, including, but not limited to, user content, images or any other form of posting, at our discretion, unconditionally,  irrevocably and for any purpose.


6.  We have the right to post, not post or delete any content for any reason at any time without any notice.



1.  CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM is a private and proprietary website protected by State and Federal Laws and regulations including, but not limited to, copyright, trade mark, patent and intellectual property.Any material or programming/networking tool such as design, programming code, images, live and stored data and all other content is considered property of CUSTODY PLAYERS and cannot be copied, scrape, distributed, duplicated/plagiarized or assigned.


2.  While we are under no obligation to our user to enforce Terms and Conditions on his/her behalf against other users, we will initiate an inquiry about any complaint or issue that violates Terms and Conditions of CUSTODY PLAYERS.


3.  User agrees not to promote his/her own or third party business using CUSTODYPALYERS.COM.


4.  User agrees not to write fake reviews or use any false information.


5.  User agrees not to use CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM for commercial use.


6.  User promises to comply with all the appropriate local, State and Federal laws.


7.  User cannot make any attempts to negatively impact or hack this site.


8.  User agrees to receive communications from CUSTODY PLAYERS.


9.  User agrees to hold CUSTODY PLAYERS and its staff and/or affiliates harmless from third parties claims arising from the usage of CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM by user. User agrees to indemnify CUSTODY PLAYERS for any legal expenses if there is a need for any legal action to defend CUSTODY PLAYERS in such litigation. CUSTODY PLAYERS reserves the right to defend itself exclusively at user's expense.


10. CUSTODY PLAYERS does not guarantee quality, accuracy and/or reliability of content.


11. CUSTODY PLAYERS disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied.


12. CUSTODY PLAYERS disclaims all warranties pertaining to warranties, products and services offered by persons and/or businesses listed on CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM.


13. User is a person of sound mind and fully understands Terms specified in this document and accepts unconditionally such terms.


14. User agrees that his/her sole remedy, in case of dissatisfaction with our service or damage as a result of using our site, will be cancelation of user account. No further legal on any other action will be taken by user against CUSTODY PLAYERS.


15. CUSTODY PLAYERS will not be responsible or liable for any damages, loss of revenue/income,  interruption of business, harm to reputation or any other losses caused from using CUSTODYPLAYERS.COM or any other CUSTODY PLAYERS property.


16. User account is created for non-commercial use only.


Laws and Jurisdiction.

In cases of disputes or any other legal action, brought by either CUSTODY PLAYERS or the user, the latter agrees that personal, business and exclusive jurisdiction is established in Los Angeles, California. This includes State and Federal Courts.


Termination of Services.

You may terminate your account with us any time. Just send us an e-mail via CONTACT US with your logon id and e-mail address. We would very much appreciate it if you included a quick note as to why you are terminating. We encourage comments or critique from our user community. We will continue to use your content.

Please, remember that old cliché: ‘WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE’. And we do indeed. We may terminate your services for any or no reason, without a notice, explanation or liability. Termination means that you will not be able to access your account. We will continue to use your content.


Other Terms.

Please, note the following:

1.  We reserve the right to modify or discontinue this site and its services at any time without any prior notice for any reason.


2.  We may provide you with notices, including those regarding changes to the Terms by email, regular mail or communications through the Site.


3.  This document represents the one and only agreement between our user and CUSTODY PLAYERS and cannot be modified without our consent.


4.   If CUSTODY PLAYERS chooses not to exercise a part or certain provision of this agreement it does not mean that CUSTODY PLAYERS waives that provision.


5.  The Terms and conditions of this agreement are not assignable.



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