We are regular, every day folks who have experienced, in one way or another, the Family Law System and understand what it has to offer.

Our purpose is to provide a nationwide, comprehensive and all-encompassing information hub, a help center, where members of our community, whether represented by an attorney or pro-per, share valuable information about their experience with the players of the Family Law system in their respective jurisdiction.

1. You can read reviews and opinions posted by our members about particular family law "players" in your jurisdiction that may be involved in your case.

2. You can post your own opinions and review/rate your experience with a particular family law "player".

3. You can benefit from posted information by knowing what to expect from a particular family law "player". For instance, if you cannot have visits with your children without a visitations monitor, we are the only ones who provide reviews on these people.

4. You provide valuable information to other members of your community that makes their financial and emotional ordeal easier to survive.

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We do not. Please, see the TERMS AND CONDITIONS page.