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5711 W Slauson Ave Ste 100

City: Culver City

State: California

Zip: 90230




Family Law/ Divorce/ Child Custody/ Support/ Mediation/ Arbitration


Serves as minor's counsel. Disciplined in 1998


Everything stated is true above all he was appointed minor council for the best interest of my daughter by court it's been 13 yrs now my daughter is 14 yrs old and he prolonged enough for her to make the decision he has violated Court orders, taken documents out of original file, gets documents signed by judges behind your knowledge, my daughter was with appointed guardians by this Satan man Spiller for 11 yrs they would beat my daughter my daughter kept wanting to go live with me he never said that he stated it was complex situation and I wasn't going to get her back that way reported by monitored lady he did nothing he has lied that I am hostile and rude that I have called him and threaded him when nothing of that nature occurred he will do whatever it takes for him to choose his corrupted people to analyze u therapy or whatever the court request to work how he wants it to work. He acted as judicial officer on child support papers his name on there crossed out he always says I don't know how my name got there "I don't know" which also brings me to be careful he will purposely not serve you so u miss ur court day or give u wrong date on documents. Conflict of interest he has assigned from his office to represent the people against me. He himself would trained my daughter what to say to the point I had DCFS in my parents house. He will prepare documents for other party's involved. He will use ur kids and thread u with ur kids to get answers or what he wants. He works with many judges paid attorneys have refused to represent me because quote: " I can not take your case Mr. William Spiller is anot honored respected man by judges and courts" he has not only caused perjury he has stalked me I caught him couple times but will keep behind where you can't take a picture and use other pervert old men offering u a job then ask u if u willing to fulfill their sexual needs in exchange to get ur kid back with the best attorney. He is really the worst news and demonic thing that exist. Now my daughter stays with her father the man who shared adult contents with my daughter allowed a drug addict around my Daughter the man who let's since11 yr old shave and wear crop tops make up high lights anything that she wants who is living with boys whom his father girlfriend has in their home which she so loves. Father has 5 kids 4 different mother works as security. I'm a nurse for several years barely had my second child after 14 yrs but he founded that the father was in the better interest than me. Father and girlfriend are wannabe gangsters with about 8 kids at home. That to Mr. SPILLER is better for my daughter now I don't recognize my daughter. She knows the system better than me she even knows manipulation, lies and everything William Spiller is i fear my daughter! So whoever has better luck with an attorney please email me at maryg614@gmail.com I have evidence still am willing to testify to have him disbarred justice should be done. Even state Bar rejected my complaint. There's more to this. He does not care for the best interest of ur kids but money and getting what he wants. He is corrupted.



Response by John J

on 04-12-2017 at 14:16:16

Hi. Great review and super informative. I'll take a recommendation for a minor's counsel. NEVER EVER EVER heard of a legit one! Judith Lawrence (Martinz, CA) is corrupt and negligent - good news is she might be removing herself from the market via retirement, one can only hope.

Then there's Bonnie Miller (San Mateo County), Walter Hammon (Santa Clara County), Rebekah Frye (Santa Clara County)...these people fraudently bill and expense frivolously. Rebekah Frye took a tour of a pot club owned by the kids' dad and billed for that - why? Did Rebekeh Frye also go get her nails done and get drunk at the bar and bill for that?

Mr Spiller represented my children almost ten years ago. I'll never forget how he was as a laywer. It started off by him doing a site visit to the kids other parent & never bother to my place. they were in a two bdrm 5 people two beds. i was in a 2bdrm & we all had our own beds that that wasn't the case with the other parent. He then called me & asked the day before the 1st hearing after he was put on the case & asked me was i ready to take the kids full time? He said the other parent was full of drama & if they don't get there way they were going to drag every one down. Then the very next day in court he want on to side with the person threatening the drama. Then when I tried to contact him to find that was all about he refused to acknowledge me emails and faxes. I had to go as far as Hold for him almost an entire day until he took my call and told the receptionist I plan to do this daily until he took my call.

He billed $426,000 for six months of work as minor's counsel. That's what I'm talking about. He definitely has best interest of a child on his mind.



Response by Community Supporters Fathers Civil Rights

on 07-18-2015 at 15:53:31

I had the same experience with Spiller last month. My daughter told him she wants to be home more but because I would not drive to his office he lied in court saying I needed supervised visits. Yet our case had been going on now for five years and the judge just ignored him. Sad how much California is spending on in competent lawyers doing nothing in the best interest of the child only their power and greed. Stay far away from Spiller and if assigned to your case object right away.

Response by Gray W

on 06-19-2016 at 13:57:17

He is unethical and harmful to families and children. We were lucky enough to have him terminated off of our case but not before he wreaked serious havoc at the expense of our kids and our pockets. He is a horrible, terrible person in and out of court. He lied in court when I wouldn't pay him on the side. I was put on monitored visits without cause, no evidecen only his lies. He also degraded my girlfriend, pinched her bottom and stared at her breasts when she came to court. We filed a bar complaint, but so far nothing. He lost his license in 1998 for moral turpitude and is under investigation for double billing clients for his work through different corporations and through the county PACE program. 100k per child per year ladies and gentleman. And there is no over sight. contact me I know of a few other families that want to do a class action lawsuit against him. even if your kids have aged out you should still get in touch. It was a mediator at the courthouse who warned me about him and gave me the names of other victims families.

Response by Dara Van

on 04-25-2017 at 19:39:13

Please contact me: buysell2121@gmail.com
Spiller is a predator.

Response by Dara Van

on 04-26-2017 at 11:55:01

This man is a predator. He must be stopped.
Please contact me if you know families affected. buysell2121@gmail

Response by Mark Monahan

on 05-30-2018 at 12:07:28

I had a similar experience with slick Bill. In my case, it was pretty obvious that parental alienation was taking place and he alluded to this early on in the proceedings. Then the night before the court appearance, he said he was going to recommend a change in custody for the other side. Luckily, the judge did not see any basis for his recommendations and shut the case down citing no change in circumstance. It was obvious Bills only interest was to line his own pockets and steal what he could by dragging the case out senselessly. I looked up billing ethical billing practices in the state of California and his practice of rounding up to the nearest 1/4 hour and charging large blocks of time for reading documents is anything but ethical. I sent him back the bill in great detail with proposed fees e.g.(voicemail = 1 min of fees as opposed to 15 min of fees) and he said he couldn't read the PDF. I contacted the state and they said he is required by law to take it through mandatory fee arbitration. I also found numerous references where attorneys have been sued in class action lawsuits for this type of unethical billing behavior. Instead he just keeps sending me a bill. I was luck not to have been destroyed by this predator. However, I am concerned he has done something behind my back as others have noted.

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