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6230 Sylmar Ave., Van Nuys

City: Van Nuys

State: California

Zip: 91401




Judge - Superior Court, Van Nuys


Van Nuys Branch/Dept. East


Dear Judge Virginia Keeny,

My sons are PEOPLE.

Stop ALIENATING a loving father from his children.

Stop Sanctioning CHILD ABUSE to the minor children.

Stop ABUSING your Power and Neglecting the LAW.

Parental Alienation IS Child Abuse.

If you can justify your actions, Please give me my STATEMENT OF DECISION.

You've had over One Year now to come up with my Statement of Decision, and justify your rulings as to why you felt it was in the best interests of the minor children to be ripped apart from a Loving Father and sent 3,000 miles away to live with Strangers.

Your denial to justify the Courts decision is not only patently non-judicial, but it's utterly contemptuous of the concept of law and order.

You had absolutely No Authority to strip me of my Parental Rights. I was Never found by the Court to be unfit, abusive or neglectful.

You based my case off of Case Law that only dealt with a 40 mile move away. That in itself was extremely prejudicial. Furthermore, that Case Law was based on a Custodial Parent seeking to relocate, not a non-custodial.

The policies favoring stability and continuity in child custody arrangement impose a significantly heightened burden of proof in move away cases, and one that the mother never came close to meeting, which is why I suspect and believe there is corruption in this case.

As required by Family Code section 3011, you did not consider the health, safety, and welfare of the children as well as the nature and amount of contact with both parents before granting the move-away. Although you may have tried to make the record reflect that you considered these codes, the evidence you intentionally overlooked and/or swept under the rug has proven otherwise.

Additionally, A transfer of custody may be ordered ONLY if the benefits to the child of the new custodial household outweigh the disruption and loss to the child of being removed from his or her primary caretaker.

You have broken the Cardinal Rule in Move-Away Cases which is to consider above all else the Paramount need for Continuity and Stability in custody arrangements, and the Harm that may result from Disruption of Established Patterns of Care and Emotional Bonds with the Primary Caretaker.

For 8 solid months, I primarily raised the minor children, while the mother was partying in South Carolina and traveling.

There was never a showing that it was imperative or essential that the children move 3,000 miles away, nor was there ever a showing of how this move would benefit the children. In fact, nothing in South Carolina is superior to that of the Brentwood community located in Los Angeles.

Moreover, not only did the move not benefit the children in any positive way, but you shipped them to live with complete strangers whom they had never met, and in a State they had never been, without assuring the minor children frequent and continuing contact with both parents, as mandated by this State's Policy and Family Code Section 3020.

You clearly abused your discretion, prejudiced the children's rights, and ripped my heart and soul away from me.

I have lived through your Judicial Corruption Process and took it like a Gentleman with Pure Class, But now I am demanding my Parental Rights.

50/50 custody in the State of CA would have been the fair rulings.

The mother has never shown why she cannot live in California, nor why if she wishes to live so far away, and if that is her choice, why she cannot do so, knowing and accepting the she is, by choice, relinquishing primary custody of the minor children and choosing a life of part time visitation with them.

The children and I should not have to suffer everyday because of your egregious actions and bias towards me.

I have always provided a wholesome, safe, stable and healthy environment for the children since birth which you were made well aware of with evidence.

So why are you undermining the well being and future of these children?

I fully understand that most people Perjure in Family Court to gain an edge, but my evidence has spoken for itself, and if you cannot handle the truth and strongly dislike fathers, I advise that you change careers immediately to avoid harming the future of other families and children.

You should not be handling family matters.

I truly believe a random citizen off the street could have handled my case more properly without any background in family law.

You have Sanctioned Unnecessary Life Long Detriment to the minor children which is CHILD ABUSE.

To this day, I am still sickened by the fact of how you shamelessly over sought to destroy my relationship with the children by practicing law from the bench and acting as counsel for the mother.

I believe you did this because you knew that your puppet attorneys would not object to your unethical and corrupted actions, therefore giving you a "strong enough record" by the preponderance of the evidence, to strip me of my parental rights.

Respondent's witnesses false and deceitful testimony was used by you to further justify your rulings, although you had full knowledge that all of her witnesses were complete Strangers to me, perjured, and never once witnessed me caring for the minor children, therefore lacking relevance and competence.

Had I known what I know today, I would have objected to most all of your questions during the entire proceedings.
The Final Judgement that your court illegally withheld from me for almost one month that was mysteriously dropped off at my lawyers office with no return address, was an Improper serve and another violation of my Due Process.

You have also been provided with the Graphology analysis that proved the unscrupulous opposing counsels handwriting was on that envelope and your staff aided Ms. Rosengren in her dirty work.

The court's irregular behavior and involvement in my case is highly suspect.

Your Court has willfully allowed corruption and fraud to take place by ignoring material evidence and catering to the needs of criminals.

I made a Prima Facie Showing to the court on January 11, 2016 during trial, which was intentionally and prematurely concluded to suppress my evidence, thereby curtailing and subverting my day in court, and my right to due process was never preserved.

Evidence submitted thus far has clearly proven that Respondent's attorney Ms. Rosengren was sought and obtained with the sole intent to enable and aid Respondent to commit fraud which you have also engaged in with the sole intent to alienate me from the minor children.

I can go on for weeks with all the corruption, bias, perjury, abuse of discretion, bad faith, and fraud, but I wont.
Do what's right or recuse yourself from my case so I can get a fair and impartial trial from a Judge who puts the children's best interests above anything else.
Put your personal biases aside and Stop aiding criminals who have and continue to endanger the minor children's well being.

I devoted my life to the minor children and always facilitated the children's relationship with their mother. I never once did anything other than look to the minor children's best interests and I will forever do so.
I remind you that Respondent sought to strip me of my last and Final Day of Visitation on January 11, 2016, by frivolously and without merit, requesting to have the minor children returned to her immediately after the court hearing.

I hadn't seen the children in almost 4 months due to Respondent's Vexatious Actions, Unscrupulous Attorney, Frivolous Litigation, and False Allegations, which has devastated my finances to the point of no contact, thereby depriving me of my inalienable rights, and yet Respondent still had the audacity to request my last day with the children be taken away from me. And you have fully blessed these actions.

Instead of imposing sanctions for their bad faith actions and illegal conduct, and bringing the minor children back to CA where their best interests will be served, you have played a long with them.

According to Family Code 3011, All factors within this code were in my favor considerably which you chose to ignore.

You allowed the minor children to be around child abusers, drug attics and violent cohabitants. You did not consider the children's health, safety or welfare in your biased rulings. You did not order any custody evaluations or take into consideration written documents from the children's doctors which proved the complete disregard for the children's medical needs while in the mother's care.

Furthermore, you did not take into account the children's emotional bond and amount of contact they had with me as I was the primary custodial parent before you allowed the kidnapping of my children to take place.

I don't know how many children you have abused emotionally and psychologically, or allowed to be abused by others, but I do know for a fact you have sanctioned life-long detriment to my children.

Judge Virginia Keeny, You are a criminal and you belong in prison. It is only a matter of time now that more people will speak out against your radical actions that have devastated many families and destroyed numerous children's relationships with their parents.

You don't get to make or interpret the law; You follow and enforce them.

Fathers' Aren't Optional!

Judge Virginia Keeny: YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW

Anyone who has been deprived of their Constitutional/Due Process Rights under Judge Keeny, PLEASE Contact me.



Judge Virginia Keeny at Van Nuys courthouse needs to be investigated. She clearly discriminates among black males. I witnessed a young father who she was aware that had been pursuing visitation with his son for five years because she was the judge signing off on his submissions and was aware that the father/plantiff was struggling to get his non black childs mother to court but she continued to ignore. The childs mother/defendant had been served several times with proof of service from sheriffs over the past few years and still was a no show to court. The plantiff had a default judgement for visitation asking for 50/50 custody although his spiteful childs mother prefers none as she had been dating and had several children with a prior friend to the defendant. The plantiff was 16 when the 18 year old defendant was pregnant with their child born in 2005 making it difficult for him to possess much authority over his son but was in contact and as much visitation as mother allowed until he seen no progression. The defendant was spiteful and kept him away for five years as he kept pursing parental rights. After Judge Keeny signed default judgement granting the father the right to have visitation with his son and legally exercised his right to see his son the mother immediately finally decided to show up to court. Judge Keeny allowed the mother to make false accusations of abuse, and that father never met son, and was on drugs and alcoholic and never reached out to son ever and that she was unaware of court case. Despite father providing documentation of messages with mother being cordial and discussing relationship and love towards the father and prior visits and later spiteful messages because father mentioned proceeding in court, and providing pictures showing relations with son over the years up until the court date when she alienated him, and visitation and cordial agreement attempt messages, and proof of service that she was served and aware of case, and not to mention years of court documentation, and defendant having NO DOCUMENTATION to back up her claims since it was all false and plantiff proved multiple perjuries. Judge Keeny still ruled in the mothers favor. The father has a government job, no criminal background or history of drugs nor offered to dispute claims with a drug test, and the mother claimed father abused her in highschool yet false and no proof and she still continued relations years after with father with messages as proof. Judge Keeny makes a bias and idiot move to place father with the mother of defendant who obviously has and will side with daughters false claims and then made him do supervised visits with a monitor the mother chose and personally conversed with inappropriately about father who accused father of being on drugs at visits because his eyes were red and stopped visits but refused to allow father to prove a drug test to show it was just allergies. The trying father of five years that had great visits with son whenever together prior to court case is now unable to see son in future nor will his son meet his newborn sister because judge looked past the mothers perjury and lies and failed to further give father consideration of being a black man actually fighting to be in his sons life and now to her satisfactory another statistic. She assumed that because he showed emotions in court and the mother played a victim and father who has no clean record and good job and only wanted a mutual agreement for shared custody with son was just not fit based off false allegations. Another trying father torn from his son from a spiteful heartbroken woman.



Response by mike kleros

on 07-16-2016 at 01:11:16

Crystal, PLEASE contact me or have your friend who had his constitutional rights violated contact me. check me out at the authentic fathers rights movement page on facebook and message me. I know your story is 100% legit because I have a very similar story to yours. Judge Virginia Keeny is Corrupt and extremely Bias towards fathers. She is the one causing detriment to our children. I would love to talk more with you so please contact me.

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