Paula S. Grohs

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3100 Oak Rd Suite 100

City: Walnut Creek

State: CA

Zip: 94597





Family Law, ripping off parents and lying to them with false promises. Destroying the lives of families one parent and child at a time. Trying to perpetuate her scam on as many parents as possible, especially vulnerable mothers. Overbilling. Dishonest. $$$$$


Paula will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to sign a retainer agreement, even if she has no intention of ever holding to her agreement. She operates a collections chop shop too, and will sue you if you disagree with her about ANYTHING. You practically need a lawyer to deal with this lawyer, so ask yourself, what would be the point of hiring her?


my spouse hired Paula Grohs. we paid her thousands upon thousands of dollars, and Paula did very little work. Paula negotiated just a couple of things in the case. Paula does like to schmooze, after all. but as far as making legal arguments or dealing with high conflict situations, Paula is quite bad at that. so, we spent a ton of bucks, and we still are in court, and probably will be for many more years. we got another attorney who is more aggressive and honest than Paula. i wish we had never hired Paula!



I don't know how this woman is still in business. She is currently under bar investigation for professional ethics violations and malfeasance. With the glut of lawyers in the bay area to choose from, why would anyone hire this one? Avoid her like the plague she is.



As slimy and dishonest as any person can be, Grohs has been peddling her scam of 'legal' services to litigants throughout Conta Costa County since her partner Kathleen Perkins retired. It's unfortunate that not only does Paula not know what she's doing, but she lies to you through her teeth and sells you on whatever she believes you want to hear.

Grohs doesn't follow through on many, if any, of her promises to you. Make sure to have witnesses present, or it will become a "he said, she said" battle with her. Her State Bar Membership # is 232329 and you can file a complaint about her here: if she tries to scam you, defraud you, or otherwise rip you off.


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