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900 Third Street, San Fernando

City: San Fernando

State: California

Zip: 91340




Commissioner - Superior Court, San Fernando


San Fernando Branch/Dept.


Agree. Run as fast as you can from Patricia Ito court room. Prolonging cases at the expense of children and their parents. Works only with lawyers, especially likes to appoint minor's counsels.



If you don’t have a lawyer and your family law case is assigned to Pat Ito the first you thing you do is NOT sign the stipulation to have your matter heard by Ito. Refuse and get your case out of there asap.

Pat Ito has a poor demeanor toward litigants making sarcastic, discourteous remarks and undignified comments during open court. Pat Ito appears to rule in a retaliatory manner if In Pro Per litigants opposed by an attorney not based on common sense or law. Pat Ito will even defy the law ruling in favor lawyers. One example is minor’s counsel David Edward Rickett of The Reape-Rickett Law Firm in Valencia, California who can go to court and lie and even intimidate witness and Ito will rules in his favor in the face of facts and evidence.

This specialized treatment given to attorneys over others or In Pro Per litigants fails to promote public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary. As well as Commissioner Ito’s fails to be patient or courteous displaying a poor demeanor towards myself and other litigants that seems to be out of line with how court personal should conduct themselves. Not engaging in conduct giving rise to an appearance that the Commissioner is not impartial. One example of Commissioner Ito’s discourteous and sarcastic remarks were on December 2, 2014 saying in a manner to me directed at my Mom sitting behind me in the court gallery as our hearing was proceeding.

(here is a declaration from father Ito has helped alienate from his child.)

Commissioner Pat Ito has now ramped up her actions to the level of abuse of discretion, as she now has made an arbitrary and unreasonable departure from precedent and settled judicial custom.

As Ito put it, she is punishing for my verbal digression before prior Judges that have heard our family matter. Ito now repeatedly in multiple hearings threatens to put me back on supervised visitation I can not afford, knowing these orders were based on a false abuse claim in September 2014, not my parenting conduct. These actions go against the best interest of my daughter and common sense. Ito is now clearly acting against logic and the evidence as she refuses to seriously listen to or has the Petitioner in our case answer for her actions.

I presented evidence of the Petitioners stepping up her actions in an attempt to alienate me from our daughter causing the Petitioner to no longer be fit to be the custodial parent. The Petitioner lied before the court in September 2014 creating a false allegation of abuse to get a temporary restraining order that was ultimately denied in November 2014. She has once again attempted to file a false child abuse report with the police on January 19, 2015. (See EXHIBIT A).

Ito is fully aware of Family Code Section § 3025, that states “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, access to records and information pertaining to a minor child, including but not limited to, medical, dental, mental health and school records, shall not be denied to a parent because that parent is not the child’s custodial parent.” However Ito acts in defiance of common sense not making the information available to me.
Ito continues to rule in bad faith abusing her judicial discretion by taking a seven month of different motions and combining them into only 40 minutes of open court time. Then to tell me go, as she was not even aware or had read all the pre-trial documentation, or the individual claims. These actions are done in bad faith not to get to the best interest of my child. Ito’s and the Court want to point the finger at me, however anyone else looking at the situation can see I have been treated as a second class citizen since day one and Ito will continue to make ruling to punish for not bowing downing and kissing the feet of her and prior judges as they thwart my 50/50 access to my child.

Ito at one point said I have not completed an evaluator's recommendation and after I pointed I did she stated then it did not work, now leaving me with no viable option to increase my custody. I repeat I can not get a fair trial before Ito and this request should be granted. I already explained to Judge Jones the pre-indicators of what ultimate actions Ito’s would take. If it was not for Judge Jones coming I would not have seen my daughter in 6 months.

Not giving me that chance at a fair hearing especially in regards to my request for sanctions of the Petitioner’s continued arrogance of not following the court orders when she chooses is now determinately to my daughter. Ito also showed extreme bias is hearing Minors’ Counsels request to have me labeled a vexatious litigant to limit my access to justice as Ito continues to disregard fact.

In Ito’s eyes because I’m not a high priced lawyer she will soon label me a Vextious Litigant for my filings instead of someone championing for their clients rights.
However Ito will do nothing to curb or even bring up the Petitioners transgressions of filing two false abuse reports among other things. To be subject to Ito’s harsh rule for the next fourteen (14) years is unjust and now putting my daughter in danger while robbing her of a childhood growing up raised by a parent instead being pawned off to a daycare to raise her.
Why can the court not grant this motion since instead of me having to get involved in the Father’s Civil Rights movement I should be at home raising my daughter?

Out of all the father’s the court runs out of their child’s life, I’m not going anywhere and will continue to fight for my constitutional right to parent my child. At the moment Ito has made it so I have no say in how my daughter is raised and I’m treated as a stranger to my own child not being given basic information about her well being.
Ito has a problem with me telling my daughter anyone who keeps me from seeing her is a scumbag but finds it ok for a parent to file multiple false abuse claims. I don’t know if Ito feels the term fits her since she cut me out of my daughters Christmas based on a false claim of abuse, it’s not my concern.

My interaction with the court is nothing like my interaction with my daughter, to admonish me because I do not use the proper term in addressing another adult in open court is Ito’s main concern is unjust and defies common sense. I have now watched a DVD by DivorceCorp and it clearly shows the bias and unwillingness of Judicial Officers like Ito who will do anything to find a way to side for their attorney colleges.

Ito fits this model perfectly as she continues to ramp up her actions to the level of abuse of discretion, she has now resorted to making an arbitrary and unreasonable departure from precedent and settled judicial custom not giving me any way to increase my parenting or input in my child’s life.

Ito also created a version of a prior incident she had no first had knowledge of saying I attacked Judge Loomis and needed to be restrained. That simply is not true and if it was I would have been arrested on the spot. I do not know where Ito got his fictional story from or it may be Judge Loomis who she said in open court she was in the back discussing this matter with. I also believe Judge Loomis is still making rulings in this matter by way of his so respectfully protégé Ito.

My daughter’s growth, education and development are now being hindered at Ito’s unwillingness to rule with blind justice and not in a manner to punish me. With Ito now repeatedly in multiple hearings threaten to put me of supervised visitation I can not afford that was in fact based on a false abuse claim not my parenting conduct goes against the best interest of my daughter and common sense.

Why doesn’t Ito create a set of events where Judge Byrd had made custody 50/50 from day one instead of taking time away from me before we ever had an evaluation or the Petitioner began making so many false claims and out right lies in open court? All because I was a man, and I have been fighting an up hill battle ever since 2010. How is a person supposed to act as their child is ripped from their home simple based on a Judge’s feeling you are no equipped to parent, yet I lived in my home with my two step-daughter age 8 and 12. Over the last four years has been an eye opening journey of the discrimination and cronyism of the Family Court not what’s in the best interest of my child.

Ito’s now looks at my prior paperwork and thinks it was written with her in mind, when in fact they were written for Judge Loomis with Ito showing no respect herself by once again giving off color comments about my verbiage in a 6 month old filing that she stated was directed at her and has nothing to do with her. Ito has a personal problem with me and demonstrated it January 21, 2015 showing I can not get a fair hearing before as she rules in favor a parent filing multiple false abuse claims. I ask for a trial setting based on a new RFO and it’s denied. Ito is having fun playing GOD ruling as she please against common sense and judicial precedent.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, I have a dream one day I will have 50/50 custody of my daughter and shared legal custody, something the court took from be because I did not have an attorney and the Petitioner did. This will never be achieved if Ito is allowed to continue ruling in this highly contested family law matter. Please grant my request.
Ito’s improper conduct now amounts to an abuse of her discretion while depriving me of due process and denial of my fundamental constitutional rights to participate in raise my own daughter. Ito’s raises a presumption of prejudice and is of itself sufficient grounds for granting this request.

Ito has now placed my daughter in danger and is neglecting the major concerns with her mother’s parenting. The sad part is I thought Ito would bring justice and a blind eye to the bench however she has failed miserably.
Please assign our case to your best family law judge who will rule and in manner that is just and fair and I will have no complaints. So far in four year and four Judges, this case has not progressed in any parental reunification plan or even any rulings having common sense since Judge Byrd made her original orders in 2010 before any evaluation or trial, all because I was a man. Only to see Terrell hold us over for a year for Loomis to take over not issue a Judgment for another year and now Ito trying to stick it to me for yelling at Byrd and Loomis among others for discriminating against me and taking my civil right to parent my child away not based on case law, family code, or fact.

Signed, Helpless Father



Response by Slicky Slick

on 05-01-2017 at 21:49:08

keep fighting your daughter doesn't care wat that judge says all she know is that her father loves her very much cuz he never gave up. Your a good man and father. Pat ito doesn't care all she wants is for you to keep coming back. It's all about $$$ for pat ito. Most judges actually care about ppl. and want both parents in a child's life. Fathers just need to work a bit harder to prove they truly want to be in there kids life.

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