Nannete Dupree, Children & Family Services

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2530 Arnold Drive, Suite 200

City: Martinez

State: CA

Zip: 94553

Email: Submitted by each agency for the children under its




Recommending removal of children without due process, makes false allegations against parents based on a lack of evidence and information. Has an agenda. Lies.


Arrogant, overbearing, falsifies information, has a political agenda and a stake in the outcome, which is NOT the health, welfare and safety of your children. Patrick Harrington is her direct supervisor, who has failed to reign in this underperforming staff member. Dupree should be terminated or retrained for another line of work. Report complaints to to aid in Dupree's timely removal from the California taxpayer dime.


Nannette Dupree falsely represents your case to other constituents within the government. Due to Dupree's inability to accurately report on complaints or cases, she is not to be trusted. She wields her power as a social worker in an unsightly and fraudulent fashion. She is corrupt, grossly negligent, willfully ignorant, and biased. Ask to speak with her superviser, and make sure you have a witness present at all times, as she will say one thing to your face, and claim that another conversation happened.

She is sucking off the taxpayer dollar, one day at a time.


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