Ms. Laurie E. Philipson

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350 N.W. 70th Avenue

City: Plantation

State: Florida

Zip: 33317




Divorce, Other


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I started off using Laurie when I had some relationship issues. I came to see her once a week for about 6 months. My partner wanted to start seeing her as well at this point and did. She all of a sudden could only see me once every 2 weeks. Long story short thats because without my knowledge she was billing my insurance company for my partner's visit. I had family issues and went about a month I could not see her but my partner still did. When I called after a month for an appointment she told me since she had been seeing my partner she could no longer see me because it was a conflict of interest. Mean while she was still billing my insurance company for my partner's visits and im the one that started seeing her and was with her long term. This is unethical and illegal. I would not recomend anyone using Laurie's services as she is unethical and practices in this way.


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