MATTHEW ST. GEORGE - commissioner/judge

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1725 Main Street, Santa Monica

City: Santa Monica

State: California

Zip: 90401




Commissioner - Superior Court, Santa Monica


Santa Monica Branch/Dept.


This judge is not an idiot. He is just a lazy person who looks to any possible way of not actually hearing a case. He is now demoted to small claims court because of the awful work he did in family court. He runs his court with forcing mediation (not a bad thing as 50%-75% of the cases get settled. But anyone who doesnt get their cases sattled with the mediator and forces him to hear them, he will reprimand them and then find a reason to dismiss the case, even if there is no logic behind the reason.
I saw a dentist who was suing his client who he did work on patient. The patient said that she never signed an agreement to pay and the judge dismissed the case. What a joke.. Does he not know quantum meuit....of course he does. He just didnt want to hear the case.
I would always do a premptory challenge on him. I think it is time he is forced to retire. He takes enough breaks during the day and tries every which way not to hear cases in the afternoon



Commissioner St. George was removed from his post and replaced by Judge Hank M. Goldberg, who is, by all all accounts, an excellent and fair judge.



Response by Bent Chrestensen

on 01-20-2018 at 12:56:13

I have been waiting for this to happen for years. This man, Matthew, has prevented me from parenting my child and ruined me through a number of totally unreasonable rulings. I like to hear from others who had the same experience with this man.

Response by jonathan Nissanoff

on 04-13-2018 at 08:58:53

Thank god. St. George is a complete lazy bum. He takes breaks in the middle of court and makes up his own law to create reasons to dismiss cases so he doesnt have to hear them. He should be retired forcefully

St. George is well known for being cautious and biased against fathers. Most of the local lawyers and staff know this, some exploit it. He also dislikes self-represented individuals (the self-help department in Santa Monica is significantly lacking and he's overbooked).

To quote one lawyer, "He'll never take a kid away unless it's deserved but fathers are satellite's to him; they are insignificant. So unless a psych eval shows the mother is crazy, she will always get primary custody and the lion's share of time."



Response by Laura Walker

on 09-29-2017 at 23:28:36

This is the best judge I've ever had, and I've been put through it all. I was told today he is leaving. Wish I knew where. I'd send him a thank you letter. To many judges let men get away with not paying and committing fraud on the court. I'm so sad to see him go! May God help us if we don't get more honest judges like St. George!
To: Frank: You must have been one of "those" dads. He can see right through you!

Response by Frank Cephas

on 11-27-2017 at 18:50:19

St. George was removed from his post and replaced by Downtown's best Judge. Here's hoping for less pain and more equality in Santa Monica.

I beg to differ with all of the comments on this page. This man is honorable. My case went through court for about 10 years. It was ridiculous. He got the case assigned to him. He carefully read every pleading. He gave my ex a chance, just long enough to see him act as usual, and ended all the misery. He ended it. Of course my ex split and didn't follow orders, but, when I find him, and get him in for contempt, this judge knows what he's doing, and doesn't take any crap! Honorable Cowen is also a great judge! I can't believe someone commented on St Georges sexual preference. So what? Does that make anyone less of a judge? He's very fair, and VERY smart!! He genuinely cares about women and children. I hope they make this man a judge! He's awesome!!


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