Mary Pamela Lauser

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828A Main Street

City: Martinez

State: California

Zip: 94553


Family Law/ OTHER - non family law related


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Google this lawyer. Just try it. She represented a woman who set her ex husband up in the "Dirty DUI" case. She represented the man whose dog killed his grandchild. She is the very bottom of the barrel in ethics. She is very expensive per hour, so she definitely wants the parents who have a near endless money supply. She is very theatrical in court, throwing out completely false claims and if she gets called on it, she brushes it off.

Full disclosure, yes, I was on the other side of her wrath, and my ex-husband's parents have more than enough money to buy her next few cars. This review is not coming just from being on the losing end of her disgusting claims. It is also about how she handles her business, threatening anyone who gets in her way. She threatened my lawyer on a personal level, causing her to have a panic attack and be hospitalized.

She has zero regard for the impact on the children in the custody case, which isn't surprising, considering that one of her children filed for emancipation from her before he was 18. Google it. And stay FAR away from her.



Response by John J

on 05-22-2017 at 21:05:11

Wow...Amazing! Another one of those "Dirty DUI" attorneys, Mary Nolan, was disbarred this year for wire fraud and perhaps another count that constituted a felony. Seems that the DOJ may not be done investigating the "Dirty DUI" scandal, wonder if Lauser could be next on the chopping block?

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