Maria Puente-Porras

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9928 E Flower St #201

City: Bellflower

State: California

Zip: 90706


Family Law/ Divorce/ Child Custody/ Support/ Mediation/ Arbitration


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I do not like this judge. She made some sweeping generalizations after making us sit all day waiting for her to finish her errands after lunch (very late for the afternoon call), she was rude said disparaging things about me when she had only heard a snippet of 17 years of support matters in my case. She made sure she kind of f'd me in my order because although I had not received a penny of child support for over 6 months, she did not order any retroactive support. There were a number of things she did that were unprofessional and biased but I am just glad my hearing is over and she is moving to another courthouse. Thank God.


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