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900 Third Street, San Fernando

City: San Fernando

State: California

Zip: 91340




Judge - Superior Court, San Fernando


San Fernando Branch/Dept.


The chamber of doom inside the Chatsworth courthouse is beset by the sad irony that they moved Judge Lloyd Loomis from family law cases to doing domestic violence restraining orders in Dept. F51. This is a very sad day as he will be issuing ridiculous temporary restraining orders ruining families based on many false claims as well as other not supported by testimony, evidence or even common sense. This guy never thinks of the children’s lives he is ruining and pain he causes with the simple stroke of his pen.

If you don’t have a lawyer or you’re a man and your family law case / domestic violence restraining order case is assigned to Loomis the first you thing you do is file "AFFIDAVIT OF PREJUDICE PREEMPTORY CHALLENGE TO JUDICIAL OFFICER" (Code Civ. Proc., §170.6), to get your case switched to another judge. The form can be found online and no reason is needed just sign the form and serve on other party and file proof of service.

Don’t hesitate Loomis take the word of an attorney as gold and have you out of your house and restrained from your kids for five years all based on lies. Even if you have no criminal past, domestic violence history or issues with your babies, Loomis will take the word of scorn women now setting back the cause of domestic violence as many false claims will have to be appealed at a great expense down the road.

(Letter for help from Father)

Dear Chief Justice Cantil-Sakauye, Judge Jahr, Presiding Judge Wesley, and Chief Deena Jang:

I write to you to humbly to please launch an investigation into Judge Lloyd Loomis in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, San Fernando Courthouse, Department “NV” L regarding the handling of case number PF 005 005 as he has now escalated his actions into a color of law violation while violating my civil rights and parental rights of my only blood born child Leilani Basurto, now almost 5 years old.

I’m a 37 year old Black and Mexican man, with a college degree from California State University Northridge. I have no criminal history, no domestic violence history on any kind. I have been gainfully employed most my life including after I stopped my pursuit of higher education. No traffic tickets in over three years. I have had an FBI background check to work for a major bank as well as two Live Scan background checks to work with kids through the YMCA and now my current job through Los Angeles City. I have completed one year of Law School at Southern University Law Center as well as some work on a Master’s degree. The Petitioner and I in my case have never been a couple however I have been with my current girlfriend for over six years and have been a step-father to my girlfriend’s two daughters now age 17 and 14 years of age the whole time with no issues parenting. I have no issues outside of Loomis.

Judge Loomis has treated me differently since day one as an In Pro Per litigant and a Father fighting for his constitutional rights to parent his child. I’m in court against Attorney’s and Loomis will only listen to them, disregarding all my motions and filings over our time in his courtroom, now more than a year and more than 15 court hearings including a 3 day trial. His latest actions include simply ignoring an “Affidavit of Prejudice Peremptory Challenge to Judicial Officer” (Code Civ. Proc., § 170.6), until I mentioned it in open court then he simply stated it was not timely. However I made the filing in the appropriate time frame had the judge personal service done by the Sheriff but no response as code states.

Prior to this Judge Loomis has conducted his courtroom with lawless abandonment ruining peoples lives as I have witnessed from the courtroom gallery during other matters. In my case all rulings appear based on the relationships he has with attorneys outside of the court room and violating my civil rights an In Pro Per litigant not giving me a fair chance at justice based on the facts. Judge Loomis suspended my visitation with my child based on the Petitioner’s lie I got in the face of one of the daycare workers she employees with inadmissible hearsay. Then when a hearing was scheduled for the worker to show up to testify and they did not, Judge Loomis still took the same inadmissible hearsay as before.

I do not stand a chance, then the icing on the cake was when I asked to have a designated phone time with my daughter as I saw he granted in a previous case yet he denied me this as well. If I had said nothing I could have called my daughter all I wanted. Yet the emotional pain and toll of court and not being heard for over two years from when I originally filed a Request For Orders in 2012 to reflect the 50/50 time share we had was too much. I lost my cool and walked out of court before he ended the session and yelled an expletive into the empty hall. Based on this the next day Judge Loomis issued a Temporary Restraining Order for the Petitioner in my case a very serious charge that had the Sheriff at my door delivering me the notice. A petitioner the only contact I had with was during a 3pm Saturday exchange time in front of the camera at her town home for the last two years that she even stated my daughter gets out on her own now.

Since day one Judge Loomis will do nothing to make the orders fair so I can get more employment or even something simple as the receiving parent doing the picking up. I have done all the picking up for over two years now since the Petitioner began enforcing a two year old order based on a six month old baby. I know I can not do my story justice to get my point across however if you review my case or even observe Judge Loomis’s court room unannounced you will see these glaring issues with many peoples civil rights.

I have filed three writs in regard to Loomis that have been denied and will try to file a fourth regarding the AFFIDAVIT however this is a long shot. I will file a federal lawsuit for a color of law violation another long shot but if I do not get out of Judge Loomis’s rule I may never see my daughter again. I filed a second AFFIDAVIT in regards to a November hearing we have however I was under the impression it went to the presiding judge however I guess not, so my second attempt will be denied as well.

I’m an indigent litigant fighting for my rights on a fee waiver however Judge Loomis allowed the Petitioners attorneys to put a monetary road block to me seeing my daughter as they requested supervised visitation with a professional at a cost of $75 an hour and $200 start-up, not even allowing my Mom a tenured professor for a California University to supervise the visitation. Once again only to have Loomis look at his Attorney buddies for what they wanted. In over two years he has not entered final orders I could appeal or a holiday schedule causing me to not see my daughter on father’s day in two years. In March I spent three days presenting a case that provided testimony of the last four years from many witnesses along with evidence and all of it was disregarded. Loomis would not even let all my witnesses take the stand and was dismiss of others. My Mom, my girlfriend, a family friend who is a mandatory reporter due to work just to name a few, yet the Petitioner’s oral testimony was taken as gospel and she provided no witnesses and no evidence, I submitted ten or more exhibits.

Can you please investigate my case? Please review my file, hopefully pulling the court reporters transcripts to see the repeated violations of my civil rights and constitutional rights? To see how I have been talked down to along with all my legal and factual arguments presented to a judge who will not read moving papers before the hearing then looks glazed over when I’m talking or he is yelling at me to stop, yet never treating attorneys in this same fashion. Judge Loomis does not like me personal, or my In Pro Per status or maybe its cronyism, the color of my skin, or because I’m a male, I’m not sure. Is this behavior ok as I continue to leave court emotional distressed and no justice to be found. Judge Loomis has taught me one lesson for sure that justice is not blind yet is very prejudice and based on relationships outside of court.

If someone fails to act many more people and children’s will have their lives ruined by the cavalier actions of Judge Loomis. I know no one can change rulings however these actions need to be restrained so many more do not lose faith in the court system. At the moment Judge Loomis has me understanding why so many Men make more babies instead of fighting for their current children in a system set up for them to fail.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter,


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