Linda Gottlieb

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69 Margaret Ave

City: Lawrence

State: New York

Zip: 11559





Therapist, Marriage and Family


Specializes in Parent Alienation

Owner and founder of End Parental Alienation

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AVOID LINDA GOTTLIEB AT ALL COSTS. The NYS courts do not want her working with children because of her extreme methodology. I hired her for my alienation case, and after the court prevented her from working on my case she falsified her bill, lied about the services she provided for me, told me she would not charge me for certain services and then punitively charged me for even more when I disputed her bill, including time spent on email conversations about the billing. She is immoral and unethical. She is not to be trusted. You can do much better than this woman and her company.



I met Linda at the ISNAF symposium in Long Beach, Ca. We spoke for a brief moment and were not able to cover some of the issues that I'm facing with my children. But she spoke extensively on the subject of parent alienation which helped me understand some of those issues. She is difficult to locate for any kind of QA and I have no problems with that. I understand that she is busy. For those who cannot afford her therapy sessions and her books, we can visit a local library to see what's available from Linda.

I found out from our brief conversation that Linda is practicing out of Long Island, New York. Other pros said about her that she has been able to capture audiences throughout this country with her intuitive understanding and professional wherewithal of parent alienation, a form of child abuse that should have long been recognized by the legal as well as therapeutic family law establishment. I wish that her scientific research on the subject was more widely known to those of us who are subjected to this cruel and unusual punishment. Parent alienation destroys lives but PAS community has not been well unified in its efforts to legitimize and criminalize this form of abuse. For those who are still in litigation desperately fighting for the right to parent or visit their kids Linda offers Abacus Briefs to be introduced as evidence in family courts that explains what PAS is. Her service to the community of alienated parents is invaluable.

May be my review sounds more like a commercial but the more people know about PAS the better they'll be able to deal with it.

If only I could give Linda 10 stars instead of 5.


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