Kenneth B. Perlmutter

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467 Hamilton Avenue

City: Palo Alto

State: CA

Zip: 94301





Child custody evaluations.


Prefers parents to be violent, sexually abusive, and Perlmutter draws out conflicts for as long as possible to extract as many evaluations (and consequent fees) as possible.


If you are ordered into a Child Custody Evaluation, it's important that you are aware:

1. You have the right to reject the evaluator if you do not agree to terms of their evaluation contract. Pay particular attention to Dr. Perlmutter's fees.

2. You can find a mutually agreeable evaluator who is professional and unbiased.

3. You have the right to make an audio recording of the evaluation.

If you do contract Dr. Perlmutter to perform an evaluation, I recommend that you record every second of your time with him, and keep a complete record of all evidence you submit to him in any form.

You will likely find that he will produce a very long and dense report that may be quite selective in what it considers. If you attempt to challenge any of the facts, focus, or conclusions of the report you will have to pay Dr Perlmutter's fees of $400 per hour, for his preparatory, travel, and testimony time.

While in court you may find he will not make factual and professional statements that defend the welfare of children, but instead avoid addressing the questions, insert delay and obfuscate issues.

It seems reasonable to me that an evaluator who is confident that he is doing the right thing for the welfare of children would confidently and effectively explain the facts and logic behind his evaluation. I do not believe that is how Dr. Perlmutter operates. I believe he attempts to prolong the Child Custody process and have the court order more evaluations he can profit from.

If you would like to spare your family years of court proceedings, and tens of thousands of dollars, I suggest you look for someone who is not Dr. Perlmutter.



Kids that have been victims of Perlmutter's evaluations, which favor the abusive parent as the custodial parent, have become suicidal, depressed, alienated, and maladjusted. Perlmutter is a fee-raker and condones child abuse and child molestation. He is OK with domestic violence and physical violence towards children, and in fact, encourages it.

His days of research based study and academia are long over. He is corrupted by money and provides attorneys with referral fees.


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