Hope Schwartz Zimmerman

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State: New York




Superior, County Court


Pathetic. Biased. Doesnt even address the issues at hand. On one occasion what is written is in stone. On another occasion what is written doesnt mean anything. WHICH IS IT??

My divorce dragged on forever because this judge wouldnt make a single fair ruling and I was forced to settle or be bankrupt on legal fees. My children are the ones that suffer. She doesnt want to do her JOB which is to BE FAIR and to HELP families. She is lazy, biased, and just wants to push cases through without doing a single thing. She couldnt have even READ my papers before making a decision. My ex lied and manipulated the system and now I am the one that is stuck and there is no way to get help.

Thank god she lost the last election.

I will campaign against her tirelessly again if she ever tries another run. Who oversees the martimonial part in Nassau County? Is ANYONE looking???


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