Gina Beth Weitzenkorn

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1441 18th St Ste 150

City: Denver

State: Colorado

Zip: 80202





Family Law/ Divorce/ Child Custody/ Support/ Mediation/ Arbitration


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I had theunfortunate experience of having Ms. Weitzenkorn assigned as a Child Family Investigator to my custody case.
Although I respect her knowledge for the law and would recommend her to anyone seeking a top-notch and aggressive divorce attorney, she does not display the knowledge, wisdom, intellect and compassion to serve as a Child Field Investigator and relies solely upon her opinions and conjecture.
She is biased toward one party, typically the “targeted parent” while showering the “alienating parent” with accolades.
My daughter was 14 years old when this unfortunate circumstance transpired. She was in 9th grade and her grades dropped from a 4.0 GPA to a 1.6. There was not one single mention made in Ms. Weitzenkorn’s report about my daughter’s education but rather shallow statements i.e.,:
“father takes daughter skiing”, “father had to be spoken to about the benefits of cooking at home rather than taking daughter to bars ..”
Her $ 2000 reports are perfunctory and superficial and frankly, I was shocked by the lack of substance and poor grammar.
The court wanted to appoint Ms. Weitzenkorn as our parenting coordinator. My daughter will be off to college in two years and that is exactly how long the parenting coordinator would be a part of our lives. I would rather go to jail than sign an agreement or retain the services of a stranger who clearly lacks to intellectual acumen required to render decisions on behalf of my daughter’s future.
She does have one recurring theme throughout her assignment(s) --quick turnaround for purposes of profit.


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