Dr. Pamela E Butler

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150 Shoreline Highway A-7

City: Mill Valley

State: California

Zip: 94941




Relationship Conflict Resolution, Other


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A racist, homophobic, hyper-conservative and dangerous incompetent. I was treated by Pam for over a decade, as was my mother who was a survivor of childhood sexual violence. My mother initiated therapy to become a happy and fulfilled wife and mother and overcome her troubled past. Pam did not permit her to achieve any of those goals. It is inarguable that Pam’s treatment of my mother re-traumatized her. Pam had her relive her childhood rape for 15 years during which time she was invariably terrified. I was spared no detail of what happened to her. In the last few years of my mother’s life she was diagnosed with a pelvic sarcoma. Pam convinced her to forego surgery in favor of a strange homeopathic remedy she had shipped in from the Southern U.S. My mother died of cancer in 2010. I was also told by Pam as a gay teenager that being a “homosexual” is a “choice.” It was around this time that I made a suicide attempt. Incidentally, according to her global warming is a “hoax” perpetrated by Al Gore, “the majority of Muslims are terrorists,” immigrants are, “taking American jobs,” and abortion is “murder.” Why she deemed my therapy sessions appropriate forums for assailing me with her regressed political views I shall never know. I have reported her to the California Board of Psychology for gross misconduct.


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