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City: Orange County

State: California




Judge - Superior Court


North Branch/Dept.-Post Conviction/ DUI Court (Alt. Fridays) 


This so called "judge" has no business being in any kind of law let alone family law. He strips kids from their mother's when he has no legal authority over them due to jurisdiction, punishes mothers who try to protect their children and breaks multiple laws in the process.
He illegally answers 170.1 and 170.6 filings. Rules of the courts say that any judge who has 170.1 or 170.6 documents filed against them, has to have the documents and their complaints reviewed by a peer, otherwise what's the point when the person filing is trying to prove the judge is bias. More so, he answers these without ever having been served. He looks into cases for his own personal sick and twisted need for control.
He acts as if he is sleeping during testimony given by parties he doesn't like and has their children illegally removed from the only home they've ever known, stripping them completely away from their siblings and grandparents. He belittles parents and deems them abusive even when they have multiple witnesses who are willing to testify on behalf of the parents he dislikes. Not just friends or family members who testify, but credible members of the medical field and law enforcement officers.
Gaffney lashes out in anger, cussing at attorneys and their clients while threatening them with losing custody or visitation rights for even showing the slightest bit of emotion. His clerks are terrified of him.


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