Department of Child Support Services - City of Commerce Division

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5770 S. Eastern Ave.

City: Commerce

State: California

Zip: 90040





Collections of Child Support Payments


Department email address is not available. Only per individual agent.
Phone number for attorneys and Ex-Parte (emergency hearings) is 323-899-2812.
Fax number is 323-869--0590


Jessica Diaz at DCSS, city of commerce, was extremely helpful in trying to figure out how much is still owned on my child support. Not like other agents. She called back the same day. We spoke for about an hour. She told me straight up about my options and assured me that I'll get all I need in writing with my choices clearly marked. She was non-offensive not like other collections people. Because this is what DCSS people are. Collections people.
She said that I need to go to court to try to modify my child support and explained that I can do it in the court of my original filing or to go to the one on Commonwealth, near downtown. She said if I chose to go to Commonwealth it would take longer to register then in the court where my case was filed. To be honest I still don't know the difference. But I got the gist of it.

By the way, together in a package from DCSS I got the CHILD SUPPORT WARNING NOTICE AND WAS SHOCKED because it said that they are about to take my license and passport. After talking to Jessica she said that it's just computer generated and they try to scare people. It did work. I got very scared but it did not apply to me. She was helpful.

Jessica's direct phone number is 323-869-3249


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