Debra Vaniman Crawford

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380 Alvarado St , Ste 202

City: Monterey

State: California

Zip: 93940





Family Law/ Divorce/ Child Custody/ Support/ Mediation/ Arbitration


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This attorney does not seem skilled in practicing family law. This attorney does not care about or respect her clients, and in point of fact, Debra Vaniman Crawford violates, repeatedly, at least one Ethical Rule set forth by the California State Bar Association, who holds her license to practice law in California. Debra Vaniman Crawford once represented a woman in a divorce case, then ditched her client and started a relationship with her client's ex and also chose to represent him.

Even if this were not a blatant violation of a rule that a Bar licensed attorney is required to follow, it reeks of sliminess, lack of character, lack of ethical fiber, respect for clients, and care about anything other than Debra Vaniman Crawford's pocket book.

Further, Debra Vaniman Crawford does terrible work. If any client challenges her questionable billing practices and slipshod paperwork, she really gets nasty and hysterical. She might seem friendly and schmoozey when you meet her, but don't let her attempts to snow you deceive.


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