David Rickett

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25152 Springfield CT #100

City: Valencia

State: CA

Zip: 91355

Email: DRickett@ReapeRickett.com




Family Law - Minor's Counsel appointed by Judge paid by State of California.


Notes have not been posted for this name/business.


Be careful father's and dad's when dealing with the minor's counsel in your case. Their is no one to police their actions. If you complain to the judge or the State Bar Association, this is their friends and they will do nothing.

If assigned to David Rickett as you minor's counsel watch your every move and word even with his staff or retaliation is around the corner. Minor's Counsel working with Commissioner Pat Ito to keep me from my daughter on Christmas based on proven false allegations of domestic violence. All this happening in our beautiful Chatsworth Courthouse, in Chatsworth, California, USA. Just more advice to help you in the pending days ahead. I asked for minor's counsel thinking they would do my best not their best which is not even close to good enough.
Here is another dynamic to the family child custody case on top of kids, parents, mediators, lawyers, judges, evaluators, and now minor's counsel. Sadly in my case I expected minor's counsel to do my best and not his best which is not good enough. You can imagine the result, I haven't see my daughter in 95+ days based on a false domestic violence claim that I even proved in court was a lie causing it to be dismissed yet minor's counsel got me on a technicality since he filed multiple orders after hearing to confuse the judge in our case till we go back to court in a few weeks. Merry Christmas! Here is a picture of a parents worst nightmare, minor's counsel that is out to punish them. I present David Rickett of the Reape-Rickett Law Firm in Valencia, California being paid entirely by the state is proud to say he has keep me from my daughter on Christmas as a way to punish me for the lack of effort by his staff in my child custody case.

David Rickett is among the leaders of the worst syndicate of money hungry judges and lawyers helping each other to wealthy lives, sending their kids to private school on the broken back of poor kids with mothers and father who can not afford to give that money for a lawyer. Far worse than when whites keep blacks enslaved or segregated. Family members without lawyers are treated exactly the same as blacks looking to exercise their right to vote in Selma, Alabama. Only for the African-American’s to face a new obstacle at every turn then with not other way out by the whites they were punched in the face by the henchmen of the notoriously brutal local law enforcement under Sheriff Jim Clark.

And after all this his assistant/girlfriend Ruby Cambaliza intimidated the daycare workers in my case to falsify statements, thankfully we got the truth out of them however the judge did not about Rickett's actions. Showing they have done this before and will do it again to the next parent they dont like.

Typical scumbag Lawyers ruining lives to make money. David Rickett was assigned as my Minor's "Counsel" has done nothing to improve the child's situation. I felt he gives off the vibe of a pedophile. Now has the balls to treat me bad and ruin my child's life since I would not kiss his butt when his lazy staff was doing nothing to help the situation. It's tough sitting down for a meeting with him as he looks like he wears a Freddie Kruger mask all day everyday.

Your typical nerd / social outcast as a kid now has some power and uses it to its fullest. I would stay away and if he is assigned as your minor's counsel object right away and ask for any other choice. I'm a father and I don't know what he has going on with my baby momma but he is in her pants/back pocket doing just enough to have billed the state $6,000 in three months, never leaving his office or interviewing a witness or even the child. Total scumbag with unresolved psychological issues and now you have been warned.


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