Christopher Michael Manganello

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18 Pitman Avenue, Suite 104

City: Pitman

State: New Jersey


Family Law/ OTHER - non family law related


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I would like to update my last review from last month February 2017. This man is ridiculous! He is representing my ex husband. Please read my other review posted in February.

UPDATE: Mr. Manganello contested a QDRO that had already been approved by my ex's previous lawyer. My lawyer was so frustrated with his contention, she requested a conference call between her, Mr. Manganello, and the Judge. The conference call was to take place at 8:30am on Monday, March 27th, 2017. Five minutes before the appointed time, my lawyer reached out to Mr. Manganello so they would not keep the judge waiting. Mr. Manganello was no where to be found. He was not in his office, and could not be reached by phone. FINALLY, 7 minutes later, he was reached on his cell. The judge and my lawyer were patiently waiting for him.

At that time Mr. Manganello decided to retract the complaint. He told my lawyer she was right, he was wrong, and everything with the QDRO was correct.

My lawyer was in court all day. I did not find out about the retraction until 4:30 that afternoon. I called my ex and asked him why they didn't retract on Friday to avoid the phone call & not waste anyone's time and money? My ex husband said, I have not heard from Manganello in over a week. We DID NOT retract! There IS a problem with the QDRO! He said I did not give him permission to retract the complaint. I explained to him that Manganello DID in fact retract the complaint without his permission.

I have heard many, many sleazy things about this guy in the past month. Now, he is my ex's new lawyer. I have never seen such unprofessionalism and lack of communication between a lawyer and their client. This seems to be a huge problem with him. READ REVIEWS on this man. Do your homework! I am happy for the retraction. I feel sorry for anyone who has given him money to represent them.



Even though I am represented, and he knows I am represented, Christopher Michael Manganello called my cell phone at 7:07pm on Saturday, February 25, 2017. Last I checked, it was unethical to contact someone directly who is not only being represented, but also the ex wife of his client.

Mr. Manganello proceeded to bully and harass, firing all kinds of questions and statements at me. He completely blindsided me. I hung up on him and he had the nerve to call me back! What professional, respected 'attorney' behaves like this??

In our conversation (on a Saturday night), he told me he wanted to discuss the QDRO, and parenting. Needless to say, I was not talking without my attorney. He seemed very disgusted with me and hung up. His arrogance and unprofessionalism are duly noted.

Do yourself a favor. GOOGLE his name and dig!! Dig a LOT! I did, and I found out all I need to know. I have filed an Ethics Grievance against him with District Committee IV. Secretary John M. Palm.

I gave him one star because I had to in order to post this rave review. No stars should be wasted on him.

Don't use him. Get someone better!


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