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111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Zip: 90012




Judge - Superior Court, Los Angeles


Stanley Mosk Branch/Dept.


I recently had Judge Byrd as the judicial officer for a long-cause trial. After almost 4 years in the Pasadena courthouse, I find it very refreshing to finally have a fair judicial officer presiding over my case. I do not know how the case will be ruled. But Judge Byrd was very smart in heading off attorneys who were trying to distort the facts or destroy the characters of the litigants. Judge Byrd maintained an efficient judicial process and ensured the litigants rights are protected. She clearly understood my case and saw through the terrible circumstances that had been forced upon me by my ex and her unethical lawyer. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, I feel that Judge Byrd has been fair and I will respect her rulings. I thank Judge Byrd for her integrity because all I can ask for is a fair trial, which she provided! :)



If you don’t have a lawyer and your family law case is assigned to Byrd the first you thing you do is file "AFFIDAVIT OF PREJUDICE PREEMPTORY CHALLENGE TO JUDICIAL OFFICER" (Code Civ. Proc., §170.6), to get your case switched to another judge. The form can be found online and no reason is needed just sign the form and serve on other party and file proof of service.

Byrd's actions rise to the level of an abuse of discretion, as she now has made multiple ruling that are arbitrary and a unreasonable departure from precedent and settled judicial custom.

Byrd gives specialized treatment to attorneys over In Pro Per litigants, failing to promote public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

Byrd's actions equal a color of law violation while violating parent's civil rights and taking kids away from fathers based on her intuition as a white women who has never dealt with minority parents before taking the bench as she was a corporate lawyer before becoming a judge.

Byrd is fully aware of Family Code Section § 3025, that states “Notwithstanding any other provision of law, access to records and information pertaining to a minor child, including but not limited to, medical, dental, mental health and school records, shall not be denied to a parent because that parent is not the child’s custodial parent.”

However Byrd acts in defiance of common sense not making the information available to non-custodial parents or giving holidays schedules causing fathers to miss father's day with their children due to her ineptness.

Byrd will continues to rule in bad faith abusing her judicial discretion since the family court has no oversight and appeals are too costly.

Ever wonder why a father is not in a child's life, may not be his choice but the family courts or I mean Byrd's choice as she plays god on the bench ruining lives with the stroke of her pen.


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