about cps

Just like any other government bureaucracy in the Family Court System, Child Protective Services, also known as Department of Children and Family Services, have been created to help children and families in dire situations. All throughout the states CPS agencies operate basically on the same principles that aim at securing proper treatment of children and offering protection from abuse.



Based on our research here are some other principle we found that are part of CPS constitutions:


1. Respect for persons.


2. Beneficence.


3. Justice.


4. Victims need an effective child protective service to prevent them from suffering further injury and impairment.


5. Each Child Protective Service is required to investigate child abuse and maltreatment reports, to protect children (under 18 years old) from further abuse or maltreatment, and to provide rehabilitative services to children, parents, and other family members involved.



However, based on what has been circulating in the media, CPS agencies nationwide continuously violate these above principles. Therefore, Custody Players’ mission is to report such violation and the individuals that commit them. At the same time we are convinced that there are CPS operatives that abide by the above principles for the best interests of children when doing their job. We want to know about them from our members' reviews.