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I recently found Dr. Miller's video on Facebook (taped 1/9/14 , CTN) regarding Parental Alienation. I, and my two children (especially my 11yr daughter) are victims of PA. I have been fighting against PA for 3 years! My estranged spouse is the "master manipulator" which Dr. Miller describes. My story is long, it includes False restrain Orders, False-charged arrests, countless Motions (to see my children) which always favor my estranged wife, hi-conflict divorce, pending jail (for support Arrears), pending loss of home (foreclosure), loss of my personal business, PTSD, most recently (since Sept 2015) DCF got involved and things went from bad to horrible!.......My estranged spouse has turned my once-loving daughter against me, in the current 3rd go-around of estrangement from my daughter (no contact for 7 months!)......I would like to discuss my situation with someone that understands. DCF is now carrying-out my estranged wife's Alienating tactics , through a very corrupt Court-system! I also am seeking an attorney, Pro Bono , for representation. DCF is bullying me for many reasons, they are now keeping my daughter from me, claiming DV in our relationship, without any tangible evidence of DV, other then the lying words that my estranged wife provides DCF (as she recently file divorce complaint), simply saying so is enough for Judge - it is an absolute corrupt system! If at all possible, please help!