My hell with Family Court started when I filed for divorce after I found that my wife is having an affair with my brother. We have three children together. Our youngest has the Asperger syndrome. Some time before I filed, I moved out to sort out my life. What I went through during this time I cannot describe here. But I noticed that my kids started to show change of attitude toward me. When I came for my visits they refused to hug and kiss me. I should have paid closer attention to those “small” things. One time I came for my kids I saw police waiting for me. My ex told them that I threatened her and children and she was afraid of me. They interrogated me but eventually left. They did write a police report that was brought against me in court and unfortunately made a big difference. I never threatened anyone but the police did not say that in their report. She took this report to court and to my surprise the judge approved the restraining order against me. Now, I can’t see my kids. My world came apart at that point.


One of my son’s birthday was coming up. I wanted to at least see him for a moment and wish him a Happy Birthday. I went to the house, called my son’s name and no one even came to the window. Now I know they were there and I was taking a huge chance with this restraining order. But I just didn’t care anymore. So, after standing there like a fool calling my son’s name and no one came out I left. No cops came. I’m sure she called.


At this point I filed for divorce and custody representing myself. She hired lawyers that really should be praying to God every day asking for forgiveness for they will go to hell for teaching my ex what to do to take my kids from me. Apparently, she became enraged when she heard that I was seeing somebody and decided to inflict as much damage as she could. And she did. The lawsuit lasted for four years. I did not have to pay her attorney’s fees and my child support is reasonable. But, I can only see my kids every time I have some money coming. The judge just gave me half of legal custody and no physical. This imbecile allowed my alienated children’s written testimony to be admitted as evidence. It’s unheard of. It’s hearsay… How could he do that? And because he did dismiss the reports from two therapists about parent alienation as hearsay, my kids’ testimony was taken literally by him. Now, I can only see my kids with a supervisor.


I get disability and cannot afford their crazy rates for 5 hours twice a month in addition to the visit expenses. We attended therapy together to reunify and learn how to co-parent but she stopped it claiming that it has a negative effect on kids and takes them away from schoolwork. I get three phone calls with kids per week but supervised. Obviously, I cannot afford them either. Now, I could take her back to court but I literally cannot take the stress. So, no money, no kids. The judge who really did not apply the law at all. He really disliked me for representing myself and showed it every time I appeared in his courtroom. To release my stress I created email addresses for my kids where I write what I’m going through every day and every day I tell them that my life without them is empty no matter what I do. When they are 18 hopefully I’ll have a chance to give them passwords. I especially miss my son C.J. who, because he is special, had always been the apple of my eye.

Scott K.