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I was a caring for a friend's daughter regularly 8 to 530 Monday through friday. On a Friday Sept 19th when the baby girl came (11 months at time ) she was not herself. She went straight back to sleep upstairs in the crib. She woke up 2 hours later played 5 minutes and went back to sleep for another 2 hours. Her mom had told me she was really tired..... when she got up about noon, my hubby brought her down on his way out for a job interview. I attempted to feed her lunch but she refused. I noticed at that point she had a high fever. I contacted the mom to come get her cause I didn't want my 3 kids sick before vacation. The mom sent the maternal uncle to get her. By this time it was about 230 before he picked her up. 930 that night police were at my home questioning unknown swelling and bruises on baby. Cps followed within 48 hrs.. we were watched 60 days weekly. Cps said no cause for concern of abuse in my home. But the day before my first court date Cps called and said they were going to remove my kids from me since there was still no fess up as to where and how this baby was hurt. Distraught and emotional I was called in for interogation. Within 24 hrs my hubby was labeled suspect and he was to leave our home and kids could remain with me.

Soooo confused yet we complied. 30 days after this on Christmas eve my hubs was arrested via a sting operation at my family's Christmas party. He was charged with child abuse, child endangerment and spousal domestic violence from my interogation where I was honest and told them there is no physical violence in my home but that ONE time in an argument he spit on me. Such bull shit right? This went from a baby to being about him abusing me?

Anywho. As our Cps case was going to go to trial because up until December 24th there was no way to prove it happened in our home, but then they made an arrest and said we had no hope in getting our case dismissed. Now 2 months later when hubs was suppose to be arraigned for the first time on these charges, we went to go to criminal court Friday and ALL the charges were non existent. Never filed. Gone!

We don't understand! Was that all just and tactic to make it look as if they had enough evidence so our trial would be canceled?

DA said charges were dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. So now what? Shouldn't hubs be able to come home? No we still have to fight to prove he isn't a threat to his family? This system is crazy! But I am feeling on cloud 9 those charges are gone!