Tamara L. Daniels-Hall - Supervised Child Visits, A Growth Motivator Enterprises, National University

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P.O. Box 36264

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Zip: 90036

Email: Tamara@supervisedchildvisits.com




Supervised Visitations Monitor, Motivator


Claims to offer monitor training
Intake - $45 plus
Hourly Rate - $75 plus


Reviewer AlienatedFather is right. Tamara Daniels is focused only on her bottom line. She comes off as professional and competent, but she is providing a false sense of security to parents to secure payment, then the real her is exposed. Well, the real-fake her.

I insisted on communicating with her ONLY via email. And it was the BEST decision I made thanks to the review of AlienatedFather.

DCFS was going to compensate this person to supervise visits of my infant child, but did not confirm her alleged credentials. The online resumes and claimed credentials of Daniels are fabricated. She is a FRAUD.

Tamara Daniels has attempted to harm and discredit my efforts for visitation due to exposure of her inauthentic "qualifications." The requirements are so minimal it was unnecessary for her to inflate her credentials to include identifying herself as a counselor, minister, and therapist.

Tamara Daniels chose not to authenticate her conflicting "credentials" posted on conflicting resumes. The National Clearinghouse had no information on Ms. Daniels completing any degree from Pepperdine University or any Counseling Psychology Degree from a school (Notre Dame de Namur University) that does not and did not offer that degree in 1980 or to date.

As a result of me exposing her as a fraud, Daniels wrote an inflammatory and intentionally malicious email about me, a person she never met, to attempt to punish me.

She also claims to be a Minister, but she is not working for God.

Thank you Alienatedfather, I wish you well.



Response by alienated father

on 01-08-2017 at 21:41:38

Dear Concerned Parent.
I’m glad that what I wrote did some good for somebody. I wrote my review three years ago and was hoping to see some positive opinions on her profile by now. To be frank it paints me to write such things about a ‘pro’ in the Supervised Visitations industry for this is a not a review for a restaurant where food was bad or waiter was rude. This industry deals with a lot of pain. Alienated parents, custodial issues, family break ups and visitations under supervision. You cannot be in this industry for profit only because it’s ungodly and inhumane to benefit from somebody’s great misfortune. You must show compassion. People like Tamara and the rest of her crew i.e. Pat Medel and Renee Curry should not be in this industry. They give the rest of the visitations monitors a bad name. They should be prevented from exercising their greed. Unfortunately, this industry is unregulated so they do what they want and get away with it. Please, ask away if you have questions. If you want discretion, we can exchange email addresses. I’m sorry that you are in need for a visitations monitor. Be well.

Response by Concerned Parent

on 01-09-2017 at 09:51:59

@alienatedfather the hotmail email address bounced back. If you have Instagram and join lacountydcfshateschildren I can find you.

Response by alienated father

on 01-10-2017 at 15:31:14

Email me to alienatedfather@hotmail.com

DO NOT HIRE TAMARA DANIELS OR ANYONE FROM HER COMPANY, SUPERVISED CHILD VISITS. She is unethical, manipulative and cares only about the bottom line.

When we first spoke on the phone, Tamara sounded so competent and professional that I decided that she is my choice for monitoring my visits with my kids. But when I met Tamara for an intake interview, the first thing that came out of her mouth is where is the check for $45? I was stunned but since I had not had any experience with monitors, decided to go ahead with hiring her. Well, before any of the visitations started she began making up some stories that she could not supervise the visits and recommended someone else for the position, which turned out to be a disaster. Tamara Daniels was inconsistent and evasive throughout the whole time that we were in contact. She never monitored any of my visits but she still wrote a very damaging court report and sent it to my ex’s lawyers so that they could present it to the judge. All that so I lose custody and never see my children again. Is this ethical? Isn’t a monitor supposed to be impartial as per 5.20 rules? And she claims to be a trainer conducting classes on monitoring while she violates those same rules?

Tamara claims that she is an associate member of The Los Angeles County Bar Association to sound more legitimate and enhance her marketing image. In order to be a legitimate member of any BAR one must be a lawyer. She is not. However, anyone can join LACBAR as a non-practicing entry on their mailing list if they are willing to pay $210 per year. And you will get their magazine as well as discounts on medical and auto insurance. LACBAR does NOT endorse Tamara Daniels and Supervised Child Visits. Call LACBAR at (213) 627-2727 and ask your questions.

Tamara Daniels and Supervised Child Visits are NOT endorsed by any government body. The certificates of completion she gives out at the end of her training have legitimacy only at Supervised Child Visits. People like her should be barred from monitoring but there is no agency currently that can reprimand predators like her.

Tamara Daniels and Supervised Child Visits is a professional manipulator who will step outside of her scope of duties and violate the rules of conduct. She gives Supervised Visitations Monitors a bad name.




Response by Concerned Parent

on 01-07-2017 at 20:10:11

Thank you @alienatedfather for your review. You saved my child from this dishonest woman who lacks integrity and is masquerading as an expert with no valid credentials. She is an opportunist.

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