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City: Chatsworth

State: California





Supervised Visitations Monitor/Facilitator


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The worst of the worst. Marie Fischer and her staff are the most corrupt and unethical group I have ever run across. Hire them if you want your children scarred for life. If you are a Dad and have been so unfortunate to be forced to use these child abusing witches, go to court immediately and request someone new.

They are Dad haters, mother friendly and will mislead the court by writing perjured documents just to destroy your relationship with your children. They apparently do this for sport. They also will do this with glee. They will be in bed with opposing counsel quicker than you can snap your fingers. These monsters have no souls let alone ethics. Who is monitoring the monitors? NO ONE>>>> they can do what they want.

Mothers if you really hate the father of your children, this might be the monitoring group for you. But of course you will burn in hell for subjecting your children to these idiots. And If you really want to bury your ex with false allegations, Marie Fischer will handle it for you. She sees Boogie Men around every corner. The whole lot of them would all suck blood from your children's necks if they thought they could get an extra hour of billings from you. A bigger pack of court whores you will never find.

. You can even have these monitors manufacture false allegations of sexual abuse against your ex. Please check complaints with this group with the Ventura County Courthouse

And please note I won in court 100% sole custody of my children, but no thanks to Marie and her Squadron of sick goons.



My only regret related to this review is that Custody Players doesn't allow for a zero star rating, as that is really what this corrupt "professional" supervised visitation monitoring agency deserves.

Everything that Paul Y. says in his review is true. My experience with Caring Hearts Agency was everything he described and much, much worse.

Marie Fisher, the OWNER, is a despicable human being. Based on my horrible experience with her and her agency, I have concluded that she is unethical, greedy, man-hating, wife-biased, and is a dumb as a shoe, to boot. And her entire staff doesn't fare much better under scrutiny. There is an old saying about the fish rotting from the head down and it is so true as applied to the entire Caring Hearts Agency.

If the preceding assessment appears a little harsh, you should further explore the facts and data contained in the following investigative report, which is part of the public court record:…

I have personally seen Marie Fisher tell several barefaced lies in court under oath. I have read numerous declarations signed by her under the penalty of perjury that contain outright untruths and so many what she calls "mistakes" and omissions that it violates all notions of decency, fairness, and justice, so much so that it shocks the conscience of the court and the community.

Here are a a few quotes by elected judges contained in certified court transcripts regarding Marie Fisher's performance: 'Ms. Fisher is not an appropriate monitor' and 'Marie Fisher is a poor reporter of the facts'.

If you are a father who values your relationship with your children, I implore you to run, -- don't walk, -- as fast and as far away from Marie Fisher and her "Caring Hearts" Agency as you can at the first foul whiff of her and her company's name. Do not let her be assigned to your case, under any circumstances, or you will soon live to regret it . . .


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