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40 South Main Street

City: Brooksville

State: Florida

Zip: 34601





Full Service Adoption Agency


Free service to mothers, living expenses paid.

Offers a choice to meet the adoptive family.

Contact: Jill Bopp


i had placed my son up for open adoption through angels of love adoption agency back in January 2013 and it was going good but then mothers day came and the adoptive parents never contacted me again before i placed him up for open adoption the adoptive parents told me we can skype we will give u our cell numbers so u can call him and we will make a Facebook for u so u can see ur son but it was to good to be true after they cut contact off with me ive been calling the agency but they ignore my calls if i knew that this was going to happen i would have never gave my son up for open adoption i miss him and i go through a lot with what decision i had made it eats me up inside and for the agency to say they are here for us mothers they really are not they take ur baby and then they try to take u out shopping to try to get it off ur mind then after that a coup;e weeks later they ignore u



I am trying to expose the way an adoption agency( Angels Of Love adoption out of Brookesville Florida) has crossed Civil and moral rights in the utmost unethical manner.This agency even after being notified by mother continuously harassed and threatened the mother into signing her rights away. They even went as far as to contact the Prospective adoptive Parents even after they were notified that she was not giving up her son and had them unannounced and uninvited go into mothers hospital room to try and convince the mother to change her mind. They stalked the mother by camping out at the hospital awaiting the mothers discharge and continuously showing up uninvited. Upon discharge the mother was walking to her vehicle with child already strapped in his car seat in the car. The mother after being berated for three days recovering from an emergency C-Section and exhausted was finally going home with her son until she was ambushed in the parking lot by the Agency owner claiming she either signed the consent or went to jail. The mother confused and in plain bewilderment declined saying several times she wanted to speak with legal council first, the agency owner argued and said there was no time for that she either sign that night or go to jail. This argument went on for about and hr and a half where the mother just kept refusing to sign and saying she wanted to speak with someone first, finally realizing her son would be waking soon and needed to be fed and changed she just wanted to get him settled in. this all took place at 10:00 pm the time the mother was discharged so one could imagine the mothers state of mind as well as fatigue and being on heavy pain meds this was an opportune time for thee agency to do its work and they took full advantage of it. They stalked and waited for the mother to be discharged and seized the chance soon as she was.

There is full documentation and statements to everything as well as witness statements as to how the agency just wouldn't let up on the mother during her stay.

There is a case going to court and she is fighting for her rights, but this kind of behavior needs to stop. when is enough enough?

Formal complaints have been filed with the Florida attorney general as well as DCF.

The following information in this letter is a petition which will be filed with the Circuit Court of the Fifth Judicial Circuit.

In this petition there is the list of FLORIDA State Statutes that were violated by the agency Angels Of Love Adoptions, Owned and operated by Jill Bopp, in order to obtain a consent to terminate parental rights of a minor. The consent was obtained by Fraud/and Duress along with threats to the mother by Jill Bopp.

There are several eye witnesses that can provide written and verbal statements to this and as well as supported documents that the agency stalked the mother even after she had made the decision to parent her son.

There is also a question to the hospital staff as to why they allowed the Agency and the Potential Adoptive Parents into the mothers room without notice even after the fact she had made her decision, also how the agency knew the exact moment the mother was being discharged and was already waiting for her in the parking lot of the hospital. There is a discrepancy in the manner of discharge and why the mother was made to wait almost 6 hrs after being discharged by her physician to be discharged by the hospital who was told by the mother and those with her she was waiting to be discharged. The hospital prolonged the discharge without any valuable reason and being as the hospital social worker is a personal friend of the agency owner (Jill Bopp) there is a question she notified Jill Bopp of the exact time the mother was being discharged.

I have all documents pertaining to all the issues at hand and ask you please to open an investigation into this.

This was a violation of a mothers Civil and paternal rights and the Agency acted full on knowing that they were well above reproach and in the most unethical manners. They were told by the mother she was not placing her child and resorted to inhumane tactics to change that. Adoptions are not done like this they are not ethical if the child was wanted and basically kidnapped from its parents.

Jill Bopp even took the child in the car seat the mother had purchased to take her son home. That in itself proves the low that this agency is capable of as well as lying about the questions asked pertaining the consent. The mother requested to speak with legal council several times and was denied the right, the witnesses that were there asked as well to speak with legal council and were denied, by Jill Bopp. In the consent forms the mother never filled any of the information out it was all done by Jill Bopp and portions were filled out later without the mother present.

There is also a statement from a witness that signed the consent that they were not told what the consent was for and that they were given a totally different explanation of what the form was that they were signing.

All I ask is that all of this is reviewed and that there is an investigation into this adoption and that the agency is reprimanded for the violations they carried out and are not allowed to carry out their practices this way.


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