Ana Esphir Monitors

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14540 Hamlin St., STe D

City: Van Nuys

State: CA

Zip: 91411





Supervised visitation monitoring.

Basic knowledge of California family, dependency and criminal law applications.

Speak Hebrew, Russian Ukrainian and English.

Knowledge of Eastern European and Middle Eastern Cultures.


Free of charge consultation

Transportation of children is part of the service

Off/on site visitation


The best of the best. Anna is superb at her job. Very kind and considerate, flexible while still following all the rules.

You will be more than happy with her services.



Ana was monitoring my visits for ten months. I had a very difficult time trying to find a monitor who spoke Hebrew. Ana knows how to handle high conflict cases where kids were taught by the other parent to reject their mother. My kids respond to Hebrew much better and Ana used it to the fullest. When we had the intake, she made certain commitments that she was sticking to verbatim. I had several court hearings requiring monitor reports and she wrote them fairly. She is reasonable with her rates. She did not charge for the last two reports. I never knew monitoring before my trial. My lawyer didn’t explain to me in full what they do. He just said that monitors records everything for a visit and don’t get involved. Ana did not concentrate on recording as much as on trying to reconcile when my son cried that he does not want to be here with me.
Picking up my kids was a challenge because my ex tried to start arguments in front of kids. She immediately made it so that I don’t see my ex during the pick up and drop off. She came to pick up before me and by the time I was there, kids were waiting for me with no ex around. When dropping off, she took kids back to the house herself. This was done after the visit was technically over and she did not charge for extra time.

I will recommend Ana to others.



I called her once to get an advice. She spent with me about 20 min over the phone. I got some ideas... It was very kind of her to wish me luck and say I could call her back any time if needed.


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