Annette L Goudy

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2021 E. 4th Street, Suite 200

City: Santa Ana

State: California

Zip: 92705




Family Law/ OTHER - non family law related


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If you are looking for an attorney who is adept at promoting discord between divorcing parties or someone who conducts herself in a manner inconsistent with any level of ethical or moral behavior you have found her! Jaw dropping courtroom antics were only exceeded by conversations she had in public restrooms where she seemed oblivious to the fact that people in that restroom could actually hear her, and were parties to the case. If professional behavior isn't anything you care about in an attorney then again you have found a perfect candidate. What I witnessed at Ms Goudy's hands was the torment of a man attempting to have a relationship with his children. In response to one of the other contributors I have to say that empathy is not something that this self serving attorney is capable of. I would never recommend this woman to anyone and to call her an attorney at law is a misnomer - she does not honor the law, her clients or the children so horribly affected by her viciousness.



Annette is an excellent Family Law Lawyer in Orange County. At first I was skeptical because of the single bad review here Then I noticed that person negatively reviewed other law firms which leads me to suspect he is a competitor.Anyway, Annette is great. She is empathetic, she listens, and she knows how to navigate the courts. She isn't just looking for a paycheck, she genuinely cares.



Response by Dave Dolak

on 03-03-2016 at 13:49:55

Don't be fooled by the above captioned review. RONNIE S is Annette Goudy trying to get a higher star rating. This same review appears on several attorney review sites.

Run don't walk away from this "attorney".

Response by Dave Dolak

on 09-16-2016 at 11:47:15

Ms. Goudy as a card-carrying Family Terrorist – the Osama bin Laden of California Family Law Attorneys

My only regret is this site doesn't allow for a Zero Star rating, because by all means this so called lawyer deserves just that rating.. 0

Research this woman carefully before hiring. If she is your opposing counsel, contact me immediately. This woman is corrupt, unethical and evil to the bone.

At one point in my case where I was up against her Pro-Per, the judge says to Goudy, and I quote, "The next time you show up in my court you better bring your own attorney". This was due to some "alleged" criminal activity, as related in an indictment by the State Attorney General implicating Goudy in numerous felonious behaviors. Goudy clearly got her hand caught in the cookie jar. Smirk. haha I just got done mopping the floor with her and that comment was the icing on the cake. I got my kids back from this devil pretending to be a lawyer after an expensive multi year struggle.

Family Law attorneys in general are the bottom of the barrel, and in my opinion Annette is the bottom of the bottom feeders. She cares nothing for children, they are nothing more than mere property and rabble and a ticket to billable hours by creating discord amongst the parties.

The court of appeals has just recently smacked her down for her "self-serving” declarations. That’s polite code words for lying in her pleadings. Annette is operating on a suspended law license for stealing her own client’s funds. And her career is hanging by a thread with the State Bar for subordination of perjury, and witness tampering among other crimes of dishonesty and moral turpitude.

Do not hire, do not hire. I repeat DO NOT HIRE. Do not pay one red cent to her for a retainer. She will spend your hard earned cash in an hour and do nothing for you. Many a client of hers can back me up on this.

Direct from the State Bar..
"ANNETTE L. GOUDY [#152608], 55, of Santa Ana, was suspended for 18 months, stayed, placed on two years' probation and was ordered to take the MPRE. The order took effect May 31, 2013.

Goudy stipulated that she failed to promptly return unearned fees and to render an accounting to a client who hired Goudy to help her file for conservatorship of her mother. The woman's mother died shortly after the client retained Goudy, who had not yet filed a conservatorship application on her client's behalf. Goudy waited for more than four years to return the $5,000 in unearned fees and only did so after the client filed a small claims case against her."

This woman needs to be disbarred. Do your part and report her to the State Bar for any illegal or unethical actions she takes in your case. She isn't worthy enough to serve me a hamburger at a fast food place or shine my shoes. Kicking her to the curb in court was pure joy for me. DO NOT HIRE! There are a lot better choices out there


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